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We had never talked about what had happened those years ago. I think I should've been pissed, but how could I be- I had gone along with it- I owed him, and once that was clear, things really started to heat up. He'd said something about receiving head, and I asked for a shot at the title. I sucked away, taking him deeper, and deeper, faster and faster. From somewhere else, I felt him taking my clothes off. A quick pause in the face fucking had yanked my shirt off, I don't remember even having had pants or shoes for that matter, on in the first place. All I really remember is him sliding both hands around and into the elastic around my carefully chosen bikini briefs. He kept slammin his cock into my face as he slid my panties down to my knees. I tried to ah, open myself as much as possible. I'd try to focus on opening my mouth, and relaxing my throat, and all the while, position my ass to the most open position possible! Once I had completely submitted, he seemed to relax a bit. 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It was totally intense, and lasted way too short! He soon quickened his pace, then I felt him spasm within me. He got his rocks off, that's for sure! He made the leaving part easy. He got up, and led me to the t.v. room, and onto the couch. I sat there naked as the day, having a smoke, watching him dress. He told me how much fun he had, and asked me when we could do it again. I was intrigued, but I definitely wanted time to think about all that had happened. He left as quickly as he came, I had loved the experience, but I didn't care what happened from there. He had taken my innocence, and I had taken it back.
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